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After completing a typical "project day,", I was so excited about some of my creations that I decided to share them with friends! After receiving requests for custom items like the ones I had created for my own home, I couldn't wait to get started!

I worked as an orthopaedic nurse for 7 years and worked hard on DistressedMeNot over the final 3 years. I finally took the leap to do what I love full time! My husband and I have 2 young children whom we are able to spend more time with thanks to customers like you! We have a small team made up of "employees" whom we consider friends and family.

I love to see eclecticism and contrast in home decor. Modern yet rustic; dark and light; florals and geometrics; traditional and beachy!

Please follow my shop on instagram @distressedmenot for updates on new items and creative projects!

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